5 Latinas Who Were Influenced by Aaliyah

She was one in a million and during her time on this earth, she made sure to rock the boat. It's crazy to think that today, August 25, 2016, we remember Aaliyah on the 15th anniversary of her death. Fifteen years and the impact she left behind is still largely felt.

Here are five Latina celebrities who were influenced by the Princess of R&B:

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1. Christina Milian

Christina Milian's musical influences included Janet Jackson, TLC, Michael Jackson and the beautiful Aaliyah. She reportedly used Aaliyah as a blueprint for her own music projects. For what would have been the late R&B singer's 37th birthday, Milian shared a Facebook tribute post. "Happy Birthday #Aaliyah! I'll forever miss her swag and the way she carried herself," she wrote. "She truly defined 'Effortless' in every way. My fave video? 'Try Again' what's yours?"

2. Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product revealed that while growing up, she used to listen to a lot of Aaliyah and Missy Elliot. "Aaliyah's song 'Man Undercover': top 10 songs i've ever played in my life," she once tweeted. Snow Tha Product also noted that while she was heavily influenced musically by the likes of Tupac and Eminem, being that hip-hop is such a male-dominated industry, she also looked to women like Aaliyah. "Women like Missy, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Amy Winehouse, Rocio Durcal, Shakira... a lot of strong women have influenced me," Snow said.

3. Bia

Bia, aka Perico Princess, has a wide range of musical influences that include Aaliyah and the late Selena. "Musically, I’m inspired by Pharrell, because he’s always reinventing himself, and that’s just what music is about, it’s about evolving," she once shared. "I’m also a big fan of Aaliyah, her music is timeless. I also love how she used to be able to wear oversized clothes and still make it sexy without being over-sexualized — that’s what I wanna do."

4. Cassie

Cassie was inspired by Aaliyah, and in 2011 had said that her latest album was comparable to Aaliyah's work. On the anniversary of her death one year, Cassie even shared a very touching tweet. “Aaliyah, You will ALWAYS be in my heart. Thank you for paving such an amazing, revolutionary direction for our generation. Your smile and heart is missed. Love you."

5. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may have never directly said she was influenced by Aaliyah but her music (remember "So Emotional?") has been compared to the late R&B beauty, and Aaliyah was certainly influenced by the Ecuadorian blonde. Aaliyah once prank called Quincy Jones pretending to be Aguilera, and her impersonation was reportedly so good, she nearly had him fooled.