Was A.C. Slater Inspired by Rico Suave in 'Can't Buy Me Love'?

Mario Lopez's character on Saved By The BellA.C. Slater might have been blowing up when it came out but who knew that his character might have been based off of Gerardo Mejía's, Can't Buy Me Love character, Ricky, in the 1980s. Check out these similar pics and decide for yourselves: 

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1. A.C. Slater/Rico Suave

The hair and the styles just says it all. In the film, Suave's character was all about rocking a serious mullet, wifebeater tee and a gold chain while A.C. Slater rocked the same thing on Saved By The Bell

2. A.C. Slater/Rico Suave

Both of these chicos were all about flirty with the ladies in their roles. Slater with that amazing smile and serious dimples while Suave loved rocking his abs and sexy body!

3. A.C. Slater/Rico Suave

Ricky and Slater were both serious clowns in school and not the sharpest tools in the shed but they got everything they wanted from the ladies around them! 

4. A.C. Slater/Rico Suave

The body on these two is impeccable and we wouldn't be surprised if one was based on the other. It's literally like they are twins in these pics. 

5. A.C. Slater/Rico Suave

Suave was a jock in school and shock horror so was Slater. Suave was a football star while Slater wrestling throughout high school.