Adamari Lopez & Luis Fonsi Divorce is Official

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Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi were, at one point, the First Couple of Puerto Rico. From their romantic courtship, to their public and heart breaking struggle with Lopez's breast cancer diagnosis—it seemed like they couldn't do anything wrong.

Then, Fonsi got caught with his pants down while he was on tour in South America and it all came crashing down.

But, it seems like the exes have chosen to take the high road. Though there was photographic evidence of Fonsi looking super chummy with not one, but two other women while he was still very much married, Lopez has nothing but positive things to say about her now ex-hubby, teaching a ton of celebs out there that it is possible to break up and retain a semblance of dignity.

At least Fonsi returns the love. While addressing reporters who gathered outside of the Miami area courthouse where he signed the official divorce papers he said:

"I feel good, calm and ready to move ahead with God. Adamari will always be a part of my life and I'll be there for her whenever she needs me and will never turn my back," said 32-year-old Puerto Rican,. "I'm ready to start a new life, this is a day of many emotions, but I'm ready to move forward."