Adrienne Bailon's Love For Israel Houghton Will Make Your Heart Melt

It hasn’t even been a year since the two lovebirds tied the knot. Yet, Adrienne Bailon and Isreal Houghton are already one of our fave couples giving us major #marriagegoals!

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When we recently asked if there was anything she was surprised to learn about marriage she said, “I don’t know what everyone is so unhappy about. I’m having the time of my life!” We can sure tell and these photos are here to prove it!

1. Matchy Matchy

They dressed alike to represent their wedding date and it actually looked cute!

2. Beachy Bliss

The way she looks at him.

3. His Queen

The way he looks at her!

4. Family First

"I'm the lucky one to have such wonderful, generous, caring stepkids", she says.

5. Happily Ever After

Her wedding was something out of a Fairytale story.

6. Share The Love

They go on triple dates!

7. Ride or Die For Life

They got matching tattoos that shows their commitment to each other!

8. Latinos Represent

They hang with her family.