America Ferrera Opens up About Latinas in Hollywood: 'Hypersexualized Objects'

instagram/ @americaferrera

Somewhere in Manhattan, two amazing figures in the quest for women and minority rights sat down and had lunch together. Hillary Clinton and America Ferrera discussed politics, today's issues and even hiking while they shared a table with Philip Galanes from NY Times a few days ago.  Though the conversation was heavy and had many dimensions, the Ugly Betty star did not forget to include her stance on Latinas. 

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Feminists are on the rise, and although many get a bad rap from haters and people who don't understand their point of view, the dynamic duo are proud to say they won't rest. Clinton, now 69-years-old, reflected on her loss to Donald Trump with more sadness than anger. "And what I felt was profound disappointment, worry for the path forward, and that I had let people down," the former presidential candidate said as Ferrera looked at her in disbelief.

The two share a remarkable talent for persevering and overcoming so many obstacles on the path to success. Not only are they similar, Hillary helped pave the way for women like the actress, who became the first Latina to win an Emmy for best leading actress in a comedy. 

However, while the times have long-changed, sexism and racism are sadly still an issue. Ferrera, who gave a powerful speech at the Women's March, the producer and star of the NBC series, Superstore spoke about her experiences as a Latina. "As a woman, as a Latina, I’ve always felt there’s a very narrow version of me that’s acceptable, that’s allowed to succeed. And if I stray from that, I’m not just failing myself, I’m failing so many. So, I’ve operated from a place of fear, not from my most-alive self. As an actress, the idea that women are relegated to a certain roles, and Latina women are further relegated to hyper-sexualized objects, just to fit in, has completely limited my career and me as a human being," the brunette beauty shared.  

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The 33-year-old continues to be an advocate for Latinos, immigrants, and women and won't back down. Hopefully, one day we'll be seeing more shades of Latinos.