The Most Awkward Celeb & Fan Selfie Moments

When the stars align, some fans are lucky enough to snag a selfie with their favorite Hollywood celeb. Other times, fans aren't so lucky, and instead, they find themselves with an awkward photo they'll never live down.

We've searched the Archives of Awkwardness, and found some of the most cringeworthy celebrity and fan selfie moments ever: 

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1. 1

Could there be any more space between Avril Lavigne and her fan?

2. 2

Justin Bieber couldn't help but get extra-physical with this fan. 

3. 3

Don't the fans know? Demi Lovato stops for nothing when on a mission.

4. 4

Kim Kardashian is a good sport, but this selfie has "not amused" written all over it.

5. 5

Is Ariana Grande in a bunny costume? While doing the duck face? And hugging a fan? This is awkward.

6. 6

Adrienne Bailon kept her cool while fans totally, totally freaked out.

7. 7

Selena Gomez does not have time for your selfie games!

8. 8

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui had the best fan selfie moment. We don't know which facial expression we like best!