Christina Milian on Marriage, Motherhood and 'Sex' caught up with singer-actress Christina Milian, 28, on the red carpet at a screening for Sex and the City 2 this week in Los Angeles. The bubbly new mom/newlywed was open with us about baby weight, married life and why she thinks she's a "Samantha."

Latina: Which SATC character do you think you're most like?

Milian: Well... I have a little bit of Samantha in me.

Why is that?

She's got a little fun, dark side, and I think that in my old days of dating, it's kind of reminiscent of her.

Last year was a huge year for you with getting married and having a baby. How would you sum it up?

It was exciting! I've always kind of played everything safe, and last year was the year that I just went with the flow. I said 'whatever God has meant for me, I'm just gonna go for it,' and I didn't question a thing. [Now] I have a beautiful daughter.

How is she?

She's amazing! She's 3 months old now. I'm so happy I have her. I love dressing her up, and she's getting bigger and doing lots of different things now.

What are some milestones? Is she talking?

She talks a lot! She hasn't said any words yet, but she'll just sit there saying "Blah blah blah blah..." trying to form words. And last night, I tickled her and she laughed out loud for the first time.

What about being married? How's that?

That's good, too. That's a whooooole other adventure. You think dating is like an adventure; marriage is a whole other situation. There's a lot more responsibility, and there's a lot more maturity. You take things differently when you're married. This is the first time that I've moved in with someone: starting a house together, shopping, building new things. And the day-to-day is just great.

Is there something your husband, The Dream, does for you that you just love?

He does a lot of things. He just went to Home Depot and bought some [stuff], then made me a chest. We keep it at the end of our bed. He actually built it from scratch!

Now that Violet is three months old, how are you losing weight?

Oh my gosh. My first 27 pounds that I lost just happened quickly; it was just a lot of water weight. I've been drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables, salad and a lot of proteins. But now, in the last 2 weeks I really amped up. I've been working out like crazy—about 5 days a week with a trainer.

Is it a little harder now, after having a baby?

It is!! Especially when you were a little bit lazy before having the baby. I wasn't working out right before I had Violet, I kinda took a break because I had been working out for like 10 years. So now I'm definitely paying for it.

Any tips for new moms?

I would say definitely continue to work out. Get started slowly: walk a lot, drink a lot of water. And breast feeding is amazing for the body. It burns like 500 more calories!