The Definition of a Sexy Latina, According to Men.

Members of the male species who enjoy the internet (i.e. all of them) have collectively decided that Eva Mendes is hot and Salma Hayek is totally not. That conclusion is based on the recent celeb rankings to come from "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" of 2009--and"The Top 7 Butterbodies."

Let's put the latter aside for a moment. AskMen ranked the lovely Eva as its Number One Most Desirable Woman. Technically, this can be taken as a compliment because the list isn't determined purely by sex appeal but instead on desirability (at least in name). They say it's about "women who best represent the qualities of the ideal girlfriend or wife." So it's nice to see that men view Eva as wifey material and not just a hot fantasy.

But Spike's "Butterbodies" list (named for women who have a hot face but not-so-hot everything else) reveals the seedy truth—the guy behind the guy, if you will. Three Latinas are featured on the list: Salma Hayek, America Ferrera and Sara Ramirez. And it's clearly because they have real curves, not Scarlett Johansson-curves. Of Salma, the site had this to say:

Salma Hayek has a beer gut, which she tries to hide by wearing flowing dresses. She fools no one with this trickery. This lady is fat. It’s like she’s carrying a spare car tire around her mid-section. Her only saving grace is her magnificent breasts. The extra weight she gained has gone directly to her breasts, and it is glorious.

Clearly the purpose of a list like this is to frustrate us and make men laugh, but it's also unintentionally proving a point about what it means to be desirable: Petite girls need only apply.

What do you think? Is Eva's top ranking a sign that men are accepting more diverse women as sexy, or do they still have a long way to go if they think Salma is "fat"?