Drake Has Been Collecting Birkin Bags for Future Wifey for Years


It’s safe to say whoever ends up with Drake will be one lucky chica. Of course we’ve already known this, though- the Canadian rapper has been captivating our hearts since before he famously coined "YOLO." 

What’s not to love? Drizzy has proven to us countless times how big of a heart he has, from publicly proclaiming his love for Rihanna on stage at the 2016 VMAs,  to courting Jennifer Lopez with a whole lot of bling. 

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Let’s not forget his iconic lyrics from his second studio album “Take Care,” aka a classic start to finish journey of love, heartbreak, and just a melting pot of emotions. The point is, Drake is a sucker for love, so we weren’t even surprised at the incredibly adorable secret he’s been keeping! 



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While the 31-year-old rapper dodged direct questions about his love life and women he’s been romantically involved with during his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he did let us in on his little secret. The Toronto native candidly revealed that he has been collecting Hermès Birkin bags to gift the future love of his life for YEARS. The expensive shrine will be a token of his love and appreciation for "the woman I end up with.” 

While money can’t buy happiness or love, an Hermès Birkin bag sure can get close! Just one of these lavish bad boys can run you at least $12,000! And if these are customized or come as one of the rarer versions, expect an even heftier price tag (not like champagne papi can’t afford them!) 

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What do you think about his collection? Cute or creepy?  Either way, if you’re lucky enough to bag Drake, let’s just say, you’ll definitely live a life of perks. Till then, we’ll be waiting on the long line of potential wifeys who just want a shot with Aubrey Drake Graham himself.