EXCLUSIVE: Who is Really Selena Gomez's Best Friend?

Less than a year ago, you couldn’t hear the name Selena Gomez without hearing about Demi Lovato. The Latina version of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the young actress/singers—both Disney stars—seemed attached at the hip. Lately though, when people talk about Selena’s BFF, a different name comes up, mainly country music sensation Taylor Swift. So what’s the deal? Who's Selena’s real BFF?

Latina.com recently asked Selena that very question, and here’s what the starlet had to say: "My cousin Priscilla [Deleon] is as close to a sister as I’m going to get. She’s going to be my Maid of Honor when I get married, and I’m going to be hers." On this particular day in New York, Priscilla happened to be with Selena and the two spent the day joking around and being silly.

So is the media making up all the stories about Selena and Taylor's special friendship? Not exactly. "Taylor Swift is great," Selena says. "She’s absolutely wonderful. She’s a really good role model and she’s a really good person."

What about Demi? When we asked Selena if she and Demi are still friends she answered with a simple, “Yes.” We also asked about the widespread rumors that she and Demi are in an ugly feud that ended their friendship. “You can’t care about stuff like that,” Selena said. “It’s really toxic what they do to girls in the industry. You never really see it with guys. So you have to not care, which I think is really good and positive for both of us.”

The down-to-earth Gomez adds that all of her friends are not Hollywood stars like her. “I have really good friends in the business and really good friends that are not in the business. I think it’s healthy to have people you relate to and then people who don’t care about blogging and all of the celebrity crap.”

Selena—who refers to herself as a “really sensitive” person—says falling out with friends is never easy. “It’s really hard. It’s the worst feeling. For me, it’s worse than a breakup, because boys come and go in your life, but a friend is for life.” She takes a deep breath: “But everything happens for a reason. That’s just what I keep telling myself. There’s a reason things happen.”