Jennifer Lopez Honors Selena Quintanilla and Talks Candidly About Relationship With Ex-Husband Marc Anthony

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Spotify knew that there was no one better to help kick off its first-ever Viva Latino podcast than Miss. Jenny From the Block. 

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Jennifer Lopez helped debut the new Latin podcast, Thursday, and didn't hold anything back. She spoke about singing in Spanish on her new album, highlights from her career and her outlook on love, but what really caught our attention was when she confessed the things that helped "repair" her relationship with ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and what it was like to honor the late Selena Quintanilla, 20 years after her passing.  

When Lopez spoke about her most meaningful acting performance she mentioned her portrayal of Selena Quintanilla, in Selena, as a performance that "will never lose its impact." She also stated that her 2015 tribute to the Mexican-singer was an idea of hers that helped bring Selena's family and the rest of the band together. 

It's been 20 years since the film debuted and has been 22 years since the talented singer passed, but Lopez still reminisces on the singer's profound talent; "She was such a bright light, and she was such an amazing artist and such a talent. She was so damn talented. It's like those things you're born with, she just, she had the light inside her. She was a star."  Lopez continued on to talk about how it was a privilege for her to be able to sing some of Selena's biggest hits and how she wonders where Selena would be if she was alive today, "She would be around my age now, so it's sad. Tragic."

Later in the interview, the Puerto Rican beauty talks about Marc Anthony. She say that working on her new Spanish album, Por Primera Vez, with Anthony helped fix a lot of the issues the couple had back when they split in 2011. She confesses, “It actually kind of repaired certain parts of our relationship that had been fractured from our marriage and our divorce and it kind of made us friends again.” Lopez then continues on to note how music is a huge part of their life that they both have in common, "Because when we first started working together, it’s how we met… we met working. And so we remembered that, like, oh right, we connect on this level of music.”



In addition to the album, Lopez also recorded a cover of Anthony's hot song "Vivir Mi Vida" as a tribute to his mother's passing, this past July. "The first thing that came to my mind, because Marc's mom had just passed away, you know, my kids' grandma, was Vivir Mi Vida. And I thought, I think that's a good song to sing right now," the 48-year-old said. She also stated the songs meaningful importance, conveying to its audience that "you have one life and you have to live it." The duo share nine-year-old twins Max and Emme from their previous marriage. 

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Por Primera Vez is going to be the first album the Shades of Blue actress has released in a while, Lopez says that the years in between albums have been a period of growth; "I've learned so much and I've done so much and I haven't done an album in a couple of years and I feel like I'm so different now than I was a few years back. There was like a growth spurt emotionally and kind of spiritually for me."