Here's Why Jessica Alba Is Giving Baby No. 3 an 'Unusual' Name!

It’s time to go back to the drawing board for Jessica Alba. The hot momma of two recently announced baby number 3 on the way, and we can barely contain our excitement!

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Naturally, we want to keep up with the latest updates on her forthcoming bundle of joy, and you’ll be surprised to hear what’s in store for the newest addition to her family.  

On Friday, the 36-year-old stopped by The Tonight Show to brainstorm with Jimmy Fallon on baby names. As it turns out, Alba has a very unique way of doing things in her family. After a brief mention of the birds and Bees, she candidly reveals, “I have amnesia about having a baby which I think is why I allowed this to happen.” Kids are a lot of work, we feel you girl!



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So, you’re probably wondering, what is she going to name the bebé? With almost no hesitation, Alba states, “My husband’s name is Cash- that’s his actual real name on the birth certificate. So our kids had to have unusual names that were also words. And for some reason we chose H. So it needs to be single or double syllable, has to be an H, and it also has to be a word.” Talk about well-thought-out!  

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The stunning actress, who’s already a mommy to 9-year-old Honor and 5-year-old Haven adds, “it can’t be too weird. Like a little unusual, but what if they want to be a nurse… they have to be able to do normal things.” In the hilarious converstation, Fallon decided to take on the challenge of helping with her baby name search, offering suggestions like Hermit, Hail, and Hale & Hearty (Yes, like the Soup Company). Let’s just say Alba wasn’t impressed. What do you think the name will be? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out!

Check out the video below: