Kat Von D's Love Life in 6 Clicks

Kat Von D has always worn her heart on her sleeve and we love her for it! The multi-talented tattoo artist has never shied away from showing off her boos, so we've rounded up her love life in six clicks:

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1. Leafar Reyes


While we're not sure when the two started dating, the Mexican beauty and the Prayers' frontman seem to have fallen head over heels. The tattoo artist shared a heartwarming photo of herself and her new boo kissing with the caption, "Juntos en vida y en muerte." Que lindos!

2. Steve-O

Ms. Von D might have finally found her soulmate (at least according to her) in Jackass star Steve-O. The two started dating in December 2015 and they seem to be head-over-heels for each other. 

3. Deadmau5

Kat started dating famous music producer Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 in 2012 and by December of that year, the two were engaged. He actually proposed to Von D on Twitter. In June 2013, the two ended their engagement after he reportedly cheated on her.

4. Jesse James

When Kat started dated Jesse James we all could have sworn they were going to get married but that definitely wasn't the case. The two started dating in 2010 and were engaged by January 2011. They broke up a couple months later but then got back together. By September 2011, Von D announced they were no longer together and it was all because he cheated on her. This is all really awkward since she got him tattooed on her body.

5. Nikki Six

Kat Von D got really serious with Nikki Sixx while the two dated from 2008-2010. He even made multiple appearances on her show, LA Ink

6. Oliver Peck

The tattoo artist turned beauty mogul married fellow tattoo artist, Oliver Peck in 2003. The two ended up getting separated in August 2007 and were divorced by the end of that year.