Kendall and Kylie Jenner Called Out for Cultural Appropriation Again…And This Time Kat Von D Had Something to Say


The Jenner sisters have been accused of cultural insensitivity time after time (see Kylie’s cornrows, Kendall’s Pepsi commercial, and the pair’s Biggie and Tupac shirts to name just a few). This time they’re accused of ripping off Chola culture in a now-deleted Twitter ad for a new plaid shirt from their Kendall + Kylie fashion line.

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When a Twitter user reposted the pic calling them out, people went off, slamming the Jenners for being unoriginal and clueless.



Even Kat Von D weighed in calling the girls “damn posers."

Given the serious backlash the reality show stars receive on the regular, we wonder if they’ll ever learn. Yeah… probably not.