6 Single Moms in Hollywood

Raising a child on your own is never easy, but these six single moms in Hollywood are proof that it can be done!

1. Jennifer Lopez

Ms. Jennifer Lopez has been doing her thing as a single mami since her split from ex-husband, Marc Anthony, in July 2011. Whether in the studio or on set, Lopez can often be seen with twins, Emme and Max, in tow.

2. Christina Milian

Christina Milian gave birth to her first (and only daughter), Violet, on February 26, 2010. After her divorce from husband, The Dream, Milian took on the role of raising her little girl on her own.

3. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara gave birth to her son, Manolo, in  September 1992. The young mother wed her high school sweetheart at 18-years-old, but after their divorce in 1993, Vergara began to raise Manolo on her own, along with the help of family. She's done an amazing job!

4. Kelis

During her marriage to rapper Nas, Kelis gave birth to a baby boy in July 2009. The couple split before the birth of their child, and the 34-year-old took on the role of single mother to Knight immediately.

5. Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres had two sons, Cristian and Ryan, with salsa crooner Marc Anthony. The pair, who wed in May 2000, separated in October 2003 before finalizing their divorce in June 2004 — leaving Torres to raise the boys on her own.

6. Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson is a single mother of four kids, including two she had with ex Kevin Federline — the father of singer Britney Spears' boys.