Madonna Running Wild with Brazilian Stud

Her Madgesty rang in 2009 in the Maldives with her children this year. And were not just talking about Lourdes, Rocco and David. According to O Dia Online, Madonna also toted Brazilian model Jesus Luz along for the ride. Her latest boy toy arrived on the islands with photographer Stephen Klein to celebrate the New Year with the pop star and her family and it seems like he may be letting all the new found attention get to his head.

As per Madonna’s suggestion, Jesus has changed his cell phone number and stopped chatting online with his friends from back home. A friend who wrote to ask where he was spending New Years, received the following reply from Jesus, “Outside of Brazil. Sorry, but I cannot say anymore here. Kisses for everyone.” The model has also stopped communicating with the Brazilian agent who discovered him. Steven Klein is reportedly helping Jesus find an international agency to represent him as his modeling career flourishes. Jesus Luz met Madonna while in Rio de Janeiro shooting a spread for W magazine. Rumor has it that the editors for the publication have selected a shot of Madonna and Jesus for the cover. Hey, maybe they are just trying to emulate the Italian renaissance painters with their own version of Madonna and the Child.