Mariah Carey Slammed and Accused of Using Photoshop... Again

Mariah Carey is no stranger to controversy.

From lip-synching accusations to highly publicized celebrity feuds, the mother-of-two is known for stirring up the news, being called abusive, unprofessional, and a diva throughout the years. Harsh? Or are you a believer in there being no such thing as “bad publicity?” Either way, the 47-year-old is back and making a statement on her Instagram! 

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The legend channeled her inner-showgirl with this exclusive shot from her photoshoot with PAPER magazine:

With her luscious, dirty blonde locks gently laying over her topless bosom, Carey leaves little to the imagination as she shows off her physique.

To top it all off, the singer’s inviting pose was embroidered with a statement piece of jewelry and topped the revealing look off with fishnet stockings and long black gloves. 

While Carey proudly captioned her photograph with, “find out about all the festivity that happens in Vegas, but doesn’t stay in Vegas,” the comment section revealed that most fans were less than pleased.

One commentator sarcastically wrote, “I’m so sure you are this thin! C’mon Mariah! I’m embarrassed for you ‘cause you know you’re not thin yet. You’re tripping for having this photoshopped! Such a shame!” Another social media user said, “She is not a real one. I miss the old Mariah, while others simply commented, “go to the gym,” and “too much Photoshop…fake.”

To many, the comments hold more weight after seeing Mariah’s fuller-physique just a month ago during her Las Vegas performances at Caesars Palace.


Some fans took to her defense, saying, “Life doesn’t get much better than seeing a real woman proud of her curves. Fabulous photo.” Another wrote, “Who cares if this photo is photoshopped. There are many women who Photoshop their pictures and don’t look this good. Stop the hate.”

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Mariah has left the comment feature on for this post, which goes to show that she accepts the good with the bad, and is confident with her decision to share it. Photoshopped or not, are you team Mimi?