Celebrity Ink: Can You Match the Tattoo to the Star?

What's a better way to celebrate National Tattoo Day (on July 17th) then with a guessing game devoted to famous tats? Try to predict which Latina (or Latino) is branded with these signature markings, then click to the next slide to see if you were right. No cheating—we're watching you!

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Kelli Acciardo,

Kelli Acciardo is a style writer and makeup artist living in New York City. Obsessions include: huevos rancheros, Chanel eye shadow, spicy margs, puppies with attitude, and a great blowout. Her favorite Latina is obviously Jennifer Lopez, but hottie Naya Rivera is her #1 pick for one to watch these days. Past jobs include Deputy Editor at OKMagazine.com and Beauty and Fashion Editor at Seventeen.com.

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