Celebrity Ink: Can You Match the Tattoo to the Star?

Try to predict which Latina (or Latino) is branded with these markings, then click to the next slide to see if you were right. No cheating — we're watching you!

1. Rose

Can you name the singer who recently covered up a kiss tat with a newly inked rose? Hint, she hashtagged: “RIPVaginaTattoo.” 

2. Demi Lovato

If you guessed Demi Lovato, you’d be right! She confessed on Insta: “Let’s be real guys… the kiss looked like a f-ing vagina.” Um, we can’t argue with you there.

3. "LiveLoveLife"

Which bonita has the words "LiveLoveLife" printed vertically down the back of her right forearm?

4. Dania Ramirez

That would be Dania Ramirez AKA Rosie Falta on Devious Maids. That motto seems to be working to her advantage so far!

5. Double X

Think you know which new mami has a double X tattoo on her right arm?

6. Elsa Pataky

Then you probably guessed Spanish hottie with a body Elsa Pataky. While the exact meaning behind this symbol is unknown, it's definitely still sexy. 

7. Low Cross

As for this very low cross tattoo... 

8. Eva Longoria

That would be located on the muy caliente back of Ms. Eva Longoria. She may have had her other back of the neck tat with ex husband's Tony Parker's Jersey number "nine" removed, but it seems the cross is here to stay.

9. "Blessed"

This reality star is seriously #Blessed. Think you can guess who she is? Hint: She's been on the cover of Latina!

10. La La Anthony

The August 2014 cover of Latina to be exact. La La Anthony never takes her good fourtune for granted and she wants you to know it.

11. “Let Go & Let God”

How about the teen star turned mega celeb who has the phrase “Let Go & Let God” branded across her feet?

12. Demi Lovato

And he winner is... Demi Lovato! Clearly our chica likes to show off her meaningful tat with her footwear choices. 

13. Rosary Beads

This sexy papi is known for his singing (and his ability to pull some of the world's most gorgeous women)...

14. Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is the owner of this religious forearm art in addition to his several other body paintings.

15. Peace Sign and Shooting Star

This celeb recently went through a nasty breakup, but the tiny symbols on her feet are all about positivity. 

16. Naya Rivera

At least Glee star Naya Rivera didn't get a tat of Big Sean's name that she now has to remove?

17. Wings

These wings might be one of the more famous back tattoos, but we'll help you out anyway... The owner of them has a new show debuting on VH1 and recently set up another famous Latina with her brother-in-law.

18. Nicole Richie

Funny lady Nicole Richie will be staring in her very own show called Candidly Nicole and we're pretty much counting down the days until we can binge watch episodes like we did with The Simple Life back in the day.

19. The Lord's Prayer

With arms like these, why wear sleeves? The Lord’s Prayer, written in a spiral design, wraps all around this singer's bulging bicep.

20. Ricky Martin

When you're "Livin' La Vida Loca," it's good to remember your faith.

21. Song Note

She may have a hot new acting career (and a crazy relationship at the moment), but this songbird will always put music first. 

22. Selena Gomez

Here's hoping that Selena's music career lasts ways longer than her relationship with the Biebs.