Paulina Rubio's (Impatiently) Waiting to Find Out the Sex of Baby

Paulina Rubio took to her favorite mode of communication today to talk to all of her loyal fans. Using TwitCam, Rubio told us that she was expecting to find out the sex of her baby this week, but that when she went in for the ultrasound, the baby wasn't in a position that allowed the doctor to tell if it was a girl or a boy!

She has to wait three more weeks before she can can go back for another ultra-sound because excessive x-rays are bad for the developing baby. The suspense is killing us, and it was obvious that Pau can't wait to find out either. She promised her followers that she would announce via Twitter as soon as she knows the sex of her baby.

But La Chica Dorada still gave her fans a peak into her everyday life. Paulina showed us her (hot) hubby, Nicolas "Colate" Vallejo Najera, walking around with nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist, her adorable puppies and her cute, little five month baby bump.