A-Rod Consoles Himself with Donna Karan in Madonna's Absence

Remember when Madonna and A-Rod seemed to be attached at the hip? It wasn't long ago, but the two are now distant lovers thanks to Madge's escapades with Brazilian model Jesus Luz. Don't worry about A-Rod, though--he's doing just fine!

Page Six caught the baseball star in Turks and Caicos over New Year's Eve, where he partied with celebs Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and allegedly flirted it up with designer Donna Karan. Their spy says Alex got "very close to [Karan] who only had eyes for him and followed him around all night on New Year's Eve." (What is the deal with otherwise-kickass women sweating this man?) Things get a little hazy, though, when the spy adds that Alex shied away from the designer because he's "still hung up on Madonna."

We're not liking these mixed signals from A-Rod. Is he a ladies' man, or just a reluctant ladies' magnet? What's your take?