Rosie Perez Isn't Happy with the Way Democrats or Republicans Treat Puerto Rico

Rosie Perez may be supporting Hillary Clinton for president, but that doesn’t mean she’s pleased with the way the Democratic nominee has treated Puerto Rico.

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In an interview with MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart, the Boricua actress-activist discussed her disappointment with both Democrat and Republican politicians, who she feels continuously sweep the issues impacting the U.S. territory under the rug.

“I think that people treat the island and the people that live on the island as second-class citizens, [as if] they are sub-par, [as if] they are not important,” Perez said.

The former The View co-host gave a specific example: Puerto Rico’s political status.

“Puerto Ricans are United States citizens and I think that the issue of statehood or independence needs to be addressed and needs to be resolved,” she said. “And right now, on the island, the majority of people want statehood. Why isn’t that addressed? Why is that not respected?”

The actress isn’t alone in her sentiments. A group of Puerto Rican, as well as other Latinx, politicians who are disappointed in Congress’ and the president’s continued blind eye to the Caribbean island have formed a coalition to push leaders to take action on some of the country’s gravest issues, including its debt and health care crises as well as the freedom of Oscar López Rivera.

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Watch Perez discuss the topic and more in the above video.