Here's Why Selena Gomez is Receiving Backlash for Latest Instagram Post


Selena Gomez has been keeping her fans on their toes with recent teasers for her upcoming new song, "Bad Liar." But one of her most recent IG teasers has thrown fans for a loop, and not in a good way.

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Over the past week, Gomez has infiltrated her Instagram page with sneak peeks at the single. First, it was a few shots of the words "bad liar" written in lipstick on a mirror. Then, a few more images showing what is presumably her body with the words written in lipstick across her leg. A few more posts show more lipstick-on-mirror teases that read: "trying not to think about you," "trying to play it coy," and "trying to distract myself."

Despite the countless nods to her new song, perhaps none is as interesting as one of the most recent that shows the singer in an alarmingly, somewhat perplexing way. In the photo, Gomez is laying on a bed on her side, with bandages on her forearm and what looks like a medical bracelet with "RISK" written on it. She seems near tears in the picture — frightened, sad, or shaken up.

Fans and #Selenators have already jumped to the conclusion that Gomez's post (and the song) are about suicide or self-harm. The topic wouldn't be out of the blue, either, considering her latest work on 13 Reasons Why, which directly speaks about young adults and suicide. Though Gomez has always been brave and outspoken about her personal issues — regarding her health issues and romantic relationships — she has never mentioned definitive thoughts of or issues with suicide. 

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Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until tomorrow for answers on the new single. Check out Gomez's full teaser below:


#BadLiar 5.18

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