Selena Gomez's Mom Responds to Stefano Gabbano's 'Ugly' Comment

After Dolce & Gabbana's co-founder Stefano Gabbano, made the body-shaming comment, "è proprio brutta," or "She's so ugly" in Italian, regarding an IG photo of singer and actress Selena GomezMandy Teefy, Selena Gomez's mother and 13 Reasons Why producer has come out with a comment of her own. She states that she and her daughter are just going to ignore the hate and keep on with their lives.

After the hateful comments, Miley Cyrus quickly jumped to the defense of Selena Gomez writing about the designer and her friend, "Well what that d*ck head said (if it’s true) is f**ing false and total bull s—. She’s fine as f***," on a fan site she follows.

Teefay explained that, in reality, most of the time those that write these hurtful comments are actually Selena's biggest fans who are just looking for a response from their idol. She explained that the best strategy for situations like these is to just "dissappear for a while."

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