Selena Quintanilla's Relatives Killed By Hurricane Harvey

Abraham Quintanilla, father of late singer Selena wrote on Facebook to reveal that six members of the family were killed by the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey. 

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"The family that drowned in Houston Texas were related to me," he wrote in the Aug. 28 Facebook post. 

Mr. Quintanilla shared that his relative Manuel Saldivar, along with the man’s wife and four of his great-grandchildren drowned while trying to reach dry land. “Manuel Saldivar, his wife Belia and 4 of their grandkids left their flooded house to go somewhere where there was safety,” he posted. “When they crossed a bridge, a wave of water swept the van and pushed them into the bayou. The driver was saved but Manuel, his wife and 4 grandkids drowned.” On another post which has been deleted, Quintanilla added, "Manuel's mother, Carolina, was my father's 1st cousin, my condolences to their family."  

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Manuel Saldivar, 84, Belia, 81, Devy Saldivar, 16, Dominic Saldivar, 14, Xavier Saldivar, 8, along with Daisy Saldivar, 6, were driving across a bridge in Greens Bayou, Texas when the van was swept away by flood waters after crossing a bridge. Manuel's son, Sammy Saldivar was the only person to survive the tragedy.  According to Click 4 Houston, the son was able to get out of the van and hang onto a tree branch until help was nearby. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Quintanilla family and all who were affected by the tropical storm of Hurricane Harvey.