WATCH: Shay Mitchell Rewatches Her 'Pretty Little Lairs' Audition Tape


Before she was a star on the hit series Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell was a struggling actress just like most. 

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Known for her role as Emily Fields on the FreeForm production (formerly known as ABC Family), the 30-year-old actress recently shared her audition tape with her fans, and it’s funny, real, and uplifting. 

Eight years ago, the gorgeous PLL star had no clue the drama series would be such a success as she prepared for the tape while begging a secretary to film her. Though she no stranger to Hollywood now, Shay revealed she’d been putting off share her experience for a while due to embarrassment. 

The day before her big audition, Mitchell was doing bottle service and practicing her line in between customers inside the coat check closet. Do whatever it takes right chicas? She then gives the audience details on begging a receptionist to help read lines and film her since she couldn’t afford to shoot in a studio. 

Watch the PLL actress laugh, critique, and reflects on her first big break tape.