12 Stars & Their Latino Counterparts

When describing Latino artists to your non-Latino friends do you use Anglo examples? For example, “You remember Cristina? She’s like a Latin Oprah.” “Ahh! I see,” they say. Well, here’s a full slideshow of “she’s like a Latin [fill in the blank].” You’re welcome!

1. Cristina/Oprah

In her heyday (1990s), Cuban journalist/TV host Cristina Saralegui ruled the daytime in Latino households with El Show de Cristina. Our parents lived by her sage advice and exclusive celebrity interviews. Essentially, she was our Oprah. Where's that TV network Cristina?

2. Laura Bozzo/Jerry Springer

Laura Bozzo/Jerry Springer
On the flip side of Cristina’s civilized (for the most part) TV show was Peruvian trash TV diva, Laura Bozzo. Her talk show, Laura en America, catered to the lowest common denominator—sex, cheating, sex, cheating, sex, cheating. Jerry Springer must be a long lost cousin.

3. Gloria Trevi/Madonna

Gloria Trevi/Madonna
Pop chart domination? Check. Bodacious body? Check. Using sex to sell her music? Check. Scandal? Double check. Mexican rabble-rouser Gloria Trevi caught an L when she went to prison on charges of corruption of minors but has since reinvented herself into a reputable artist again. Madonna didn’t go to jail pero she did her dirt in her own unique way.

4. J. Balvin/Drake

J. Balvin/Drake
Reggaeton’s new face is dominating social media, concert venues and the charts. The Colombian artist incorporates singing with melodic flow and has infused new life into a genre stuck in the dem bow era. Similarly, Canadian MC, Drake, turned hip-hop on its head with his emo rap.

5. Menudo/One Direction/

Menudo/One Direction/NKOTB (essentially any boy band)
Menudo was probably before your time. But lets put it this way: It was a boy band, girls LOVED them, and it birthed Ricky Martin. Bow down!

6. Residente/Eminem

Residente of Calle 13 is a sociopolitical MC with a rapid-fire delivery. The Puerto Rican rapper also mixes humor with his rhymes and can flow over almost any beat. Em isn’t as politically minded (we know he hated George Bush) but his artistry is unmatched.

7. Daddy Yankee/Jay-Z

Daddy Yankee/Jay-Z
Daddy Yankee isn’t a businessman; he’s a business, man! The “Gasolina” reggaetonero has released perfume, headphones, sneakers, etc. Jigga is in his own hemisphere but El Cangri isn’t too far off.

8. Bono/Juanes

Juanes—the rocker with a heart. Not only does he melt our hearts with his love songs but his undying dedication to making the world better via his charity (Mi Sangre Foundation) and numerous pro-peace initiatives. Simply writing Bono’s name makes you feel like a better person.

9. Alanis Morissette turned Beyoncé/Shakira

Alanis Morissette turned Beyoncé/Shakira
Massive global superstar Shakira is light-years away from her competition. Her social media is huge, her baby Milan adorable, and her music bumping. Shakira went from an Morissette musical beginning to a Yoncé present.

10. Brad Pitt/William Levy

Brad Pitt/William Levy
They’re hot. They’re blonde. Did we mention they’re hot?

11. Justin Timberlake/Romeo Santos

Justin Timberlake/Romeo Santos
The King of Bachata was once part of the Kings of Bachata, Aventura. Since he went solo, Santos has become the biggest draw on the Latin market. His stage show is unrivaled, his music keeps evolving and his dimples keep us swooning. Former N’SYNCer JT does all this and he raps.

12. David Letterman/Don Francisco

David Letterman/Don Francisco
Legendary Sabado Gigante host Don Francisco is still holding you down on the weekend. Well, keeping your parents entertained we meant. Interviewing celebrities and cracking jokes on the young folk has been his keys to success. A retiring Letterman has definitely left his gap-toothed imprint on the late night TV game forever.