Watch: Selena Gomez's Hysterical Silent Interview on Lopez Tonight

Selena Gomez lost her voice right before she her interview for Lopez Tonight, but that didn't stop the teenage star from fulfilling her obligation to the talk show host. In an brilliant move, she and Lopez arranged for a DynaVox, which the newly-legal Disney starlet put to hysterical use throughout the interview.

Our favorite part came when Lopez asked Gomez about Justin Bieber, whom she referred to as her "little brother." Apparently, when they were taking a photo together recently, he asked her to remove her heels so he wouldn't look so short. Selena refused, telling him, "You're short, embrace it!" However, it doesn't look like Bieber is doomed to spend eternity as a munchkin—Selena told the crowd that he's already grown a lot since the photo was taken.

Check out her interview below: