Yasiel Puig Responds to Dodgers Trade Rumors, "If the decision is for me to go to another team, then so be it"

Photos Courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

Fresh off the disabled list, Yasiel Puig continues to work hard for Dodgers fans both on and off the field. Not only did he hit a home run after his first game back, but he attended a very special event in South Los Angeles benefitting children in the community on Monday.

Puig, alongside Dodger alumni Manny Mota and Queen Sugar star Dondre Whitfield, were on-hand for the groundbreaking of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) 50th Dodger Dreamfield at the Algin Sutton Recreation Center.

At the event, the Cuban-born baseball star opened up to Latina.com about the rumors that he's set to get traded.

"I just keep playing because those things are not dependent on me," Puig said. "This is a job and you need the best team to win and to bring the championship to Los Angeles, the people have been waiting for this for 30 years. 

If the decision is for me to go to another team, then so be it. I came to this country to follow my dream to play baseball. Thank God that my first and so far only team has been the Dodgers. So if I have to go to another team, I'll work just as hard to ensure that that team ends up in the playoffs and then the World Series."

The father-of-three has been heavily involved with help youths in the urban areas of Los Angeles as part of his Wild Horse Children's Foundation, started in 2016. 

"When I was a young kid in Cuba, I didn't have the opportunity to play on a field like this one," he explained.

"Since coming to the United States, I've had everything I could've ever dreamed of and more. So when I see these kids and knowing they're so talented but have limited opportunities, I knew wholeheartedly I wanted to help them. 

I want them to follow their dreams and play baseball if that's what they want. There's a lot of bad things that they can get into in the streets while they're not in school or when their parents aren't home. That's why I chose to open my foundation, to encourage them to get involved in competitive sports. 

I'm currently building a complex in the San Fernando Valley where the kids in the area can go after school. I want them to have somewhere to go instead of getting into trouble and so they can have a lot of fun. It also helps their parents so they can keep working to help their families get ahead."

Last photo courtesy of Rosy Cordero