Exclusive Outtakes From La La Anthony's August 2014 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our August 2014 cover star La La? Check out these exclusive quotes from her cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands July 8!

1. On the type of roles she wants

On the type of roles she wants:

You know, I honestly I’m just looking for diversity to play different roles right now. I’ve just been looking to expand in television and film because now I’m putting most of my time and energy into acting and producing. So definitely just looking for cool projects to align myself with. And I’m excited, I’m getting some great roles, I’m in movies with incredible actors and actresses. You know Think Like a Man Too, the people that I worked with were so great.

A dream role would just be something that no one would expect me to do at all. Like just be something so left from what people see me as and expect me to be, so I’m just looking for, like I said, diversity in the material that I pick so people can see wow she can really do this, she has range, she can play so many different things.

2. On writing another book

On writing another book:

I’m definitely going to work on another book. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be yet. 

3. On having a great relationship with her mom, and wanting that with her son

On having a great relationship with her mom, and wanting that with her son:

I wanna be, I hope I am, my son’s best friend, and I want him to feel like he can come talk to me about anything, good or bad and we can just talk it through, because that’s what I used to do with my mom. Even to this day. And I want that same relationship with my child, because I feel like you want your child to feel comfortable and not scared to come talk to you about anything. 

4. On finding the time to catch up with friends even when far away

On finding the time to catch up with friends even when far away:

We make it a point to do it. But I always laugh because I call certain people and go, I feel like I know everything you’re doing off Instagram, like I know where you were yesterday, I know you were here, I know you had a show here, and that’s what’s crazy about social media is that it gives you the illusion that you are talking to somebody because you’re tweeting your every move. But we’re all crazy busy so the days of just sitting on the phone like when you’re in high school, all day for hours and hours at a time, nobody can do that anymore. We have families, we have careers, but we definitely make time to check in. Or if somebody’s in New York, [we say] ‘Hey, I’m in New York let’s meet up.’ You always just have to make that time. 

5. On her guilty pleasures

On her guilty pleasures:

Oh god, I love chocolate, I’m obsessed with chocolate which is why I have to work out all the time because I just want chocolate all the time! Chocolate and cookies and potato chips. Really like the perfect night would be pajamas, watching old episodes of Sex & the City, or old episodes of Martin, just anything that’ll just crack you up and make you laugh. And then you’ll throw some girly flicks in there like I don’t know, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or Boomerang, or any movie that just makes you laugh. [My friends and I] love to do stuff like that. And Scandal of course, who doesn’t love Scandal? We always have our Scandal nights, Melo and I actually have Scandal nights as well, where we just watch Scandal and catch up on what’s going on. That show is so addictive, we definitely love it!

6. On Carmelo Anthony’s Basketball Career and Possible Move from NY Knicks

On Carmelo Anthony’s Basketball Career and Becoming a Free Agent After the NY Knicks:

I watched in the post season go through so many ups and downs, they played confident, and he stayed confident in himself and the team, and put the team on his back. He never gave up. A lot of people would have just threw their hands in the air and said, you know this is too much, I can’t deal with this. But he always stayed so positive and believed in his team so I’m just so proud of him. It shows me what a strong person he is, and that’s why I said the real fans get it and will ride for him no matter what, because a lot of people would have folded under the amount of pressure that he had this whole entire season and he just came out swinging. And you know up until the very end just wouldn’t give up and that’s his personality and that’s him. That’s also part of the reason why I fell in love with him, I just saw how he was and it translates into his life and his basketball so it’s awesome.

I just feel like his time is coming, his time is definitely coming. I’m just excited to see what the future holds for him because he’s such an incredible player [and] he’s such an incredible person, so you know good things happen to good people, I do believe that. So we’ll see what happens.

7. On ever trying rap again

On ever trying rap again:

No, no interest because I used to when I was younger, back in my radio Ludacris days. I was like I wanna be a rapper, I wanna rap, I wanna rap. You just gotta realize at some point that you can’t do everything. And I had fun at it when I was a teenager, but no, no interest. But I love that my life career at MTV keeps me still so connected in the music business. I have so many friends that are artists, and I get to go on different tours, stop on different tour stops when Kelly’s on tour or Ciara’s on tour, or Luda’s on tour, when Kim was in town we went to Kanye’s show. So it’s cool to be able to still have your hand in it in a way.

8. On being connected with others in the industry

On being connected with others in the industry:

I was with Ludacris from the beginning so it’s awesome to just have been around it for so long and see so many people that I’ve known my whole life become so hugely successful. When Luda and I first started, we were just interns at a radio station, the thought of even traveling and stuff, we didn’t have concept of that. Now, I’m looking at his Instagram today and he’s doing Fast and the Furious 7. Sometimes you just gotta take a moment and soak it all in, like from where we started to where we are now, it’s just crazy.