10 Latina Disney Princess Look-Alikes

If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true… at least that’s what Disney’s Cinderella promises its viewers – and now one of our dreams has come true! With Cubana JoAnna Garcia joining ABC's Once Upon a Time as Disney Princess Ariel, the Little Mermaid, we got to thinking which Latinas we would handpick to play the rest of the Disney Princesses. Keep reading for our top picks and who knows, if we keep on believing maybe more of our dreams will turn into reality!

1. disney slide 01

Selena Gomez as Snow White

With hair black as ebony and lips as red as a rose we think the youthful Selena Gomez would be the picture of innocence as Snow White in a remake of the beloved film. With her bright and friendly smile she’d have no trouble making friends with, say, seven other people.

2. disney slide 02

Christina Aguilera as Cinderella

Like Cinderella, songstress Christina Aguilera is widely considered a classic. Both blonde haired beauties rose from humble beginnings to be considered the fairest in the land whether that’s as a true queen or a queen of music! 

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Gisele Bündchen as Aurora

Her career wouldn’t be what it is today if she spent all of her time sleeping, but the effervescent Brazilian Gisele Bündchen bears some semblance to Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora. Do you recall the scene at the end of the movie when Aurora’s dress constantly changes due to some color altering magic? As a supermodel we’d venture to guess that Bündchen has some wardrobe changing experience herself!

4. disney slide 04

Cote de Pablo as Belle

We can’t think of anyone who would make a more beautiful Belle than our September cover girl! Not only is Cote de Pablo a spitting image of the favorite Disney Princess, but they both embody the same adventurous, independent spirit.

5. disney slide 05

Eva Longoria as Jasmine

We can’t decide if it’s Eva Longoria’s incredible hair, rocking body or her captivating eyes that remind us most of Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine. Regardless, one look at Longoria and it becomes fairly apparent that she is the real life version of the intoxicatingly exotic Jasmine.

6. disney slide 06

Naya Rivera as Pocahontas

Forget looking just around the river bend, if Glee star Naya Rivera took a look in the river we think she’d see a reflection of Native American princess Pocahontas staring back at her. All she’s missing is a spirited raccoon sidekick!

7. disney slide 07

Aimee Garcia as Mulan

This half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican would make a perfect Mulan. We think Garcia’s ability to meet new challenges head on, and look gorgeous doing it, is enough reason to cast her in the unforgettable role – that’s if we have anything to say about it!

8. disney slide 08

Zoe Saldana as Tiana

We’d kiss actress Zoe Saldana, even if she turned into a frog like her doppelganger Tiana did in The Princess and the Frog. Both women are driven to succeed against any odds which just happens to be our favorite quality of these two striking ladies!

9. disney slide 09

Demi Lovato as Rapunzel

Latina beauty Demi Lovato may be rising from the ground in “Skyscraper” while Rapunzel is hoping to get down to it, but we see similarities between the two regardless. With Lovato’s current golden locks and ever present sense of adventure, she’s a shoo-in to play Rapunzel in the live version!

10. disney slide 10

Bella Thorne as Merida

We’re not sure how accurate actress Bella Thorne is when wielding a bow and arrow, but if she’s anywhere near as talented as Brave’s main character we think we have ourselves the next Merida! Armed with confidence and, of course, flowing red hair, Thorne and Merida are two of a kind.