The 10 Hottest NFL Players We Can't Wait to Watch This Season

Who's ready for some football?! The 2013 regular NFL season officially kicks off on September 5. In prepartion, we've rounded up the 10 hottest Latino players in the league that we can't wait to see kick some butt this upcoming season. Enjoy!

1. Latino NFL Players: Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

The 27-year-old quarterback is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles now after signing a one-year contract with the team in March 2014.

2. Latino NFL Players: Evan Rodriguez

Evan Rodriguez

The Miami Dolphins fullback/tight end was signed by the team in June of this year, after being released from the Chicago Bears.

3. Latino NFL Players: Mike Rivera

Mike Rivera

The 27-year-old New England Patriots linebacker/tight end was signed by the Patriots twice. The first time Rivera joined the popular NFL team was in November 2011 as part of the practice squad. In October 2012, the Patriots officially signed on Rivera to their season roster.

4. Latino NFL Players: Tony Romo

Tony Romo

The part Mexican quarterback is back with his Dallas Cowboys team this season. In 2013, the Cowboys secured Romo for the rest of his career, giving him a six-year extension worth $108 million, with $55 million guaranteed and $25 million in bonuses.

5. Latino NFL Players: Dante Rosario

Dante Rosario

This Dominican American tight end signed on with the Dallas Cowboys in June 2013. His NFL career began with the Carolina Panthers in 2007 and from there he moved on to the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers.

6. Latino NFL Players: Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz

New York Giants wide receiver, Cruz, quickly became a household name after signing on with the NFL franchise in 2010. In July, the 26-year-old signed a five-year contract extension with the Giants for a total of $45 million.

7. Latino NFL Players: Louis Vasquez

Louis Vasquez

Born in Texas, Vasquez debuted in the NFL in 2009 as a player for the San Diego Chargers. He currently plays an offensive guard for the Denver Broncos.

8. Latino NFL Players: Mychal Rivera

Mychal Rivera

The Oakland Raiders tight end, who also happens to be Naya Rivera’s little brother, was drafted into the league in 2013 during round six.

9. Latino NFL Players: Gilbert Pena

Gilbert Pena

The 2013 NFL season will be Pena’s first time playing for the Green Bay Packers.

10. Latino NFL Players: Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez

The 37-year-old Atlanta Falcons tight end holds 18 NFL records, including Pro Bowl All-Time Leader in Touchdowns. Gonzalez has been playing on the Falcons team since 2009.