5 Stars Who Have Played Teachers

It’s National Teachers Appreciation Day! Everybody who does something to add value and greatness to society certainly deserves a day in their honor, and teachers are definitely one of the most deserving.  In honor of National Teachers Day, we’re paying homage to all teachers by taking a look at some of our favorite stars that have played teachers on-screen:

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez starred in the 1996 comedy-drama Jack. Playing the role of Miss Marquez, Lopez portrayed a sweet, loving, and understanding teacher whom was very well liked by all her students, especially Jack (played by Robin Williams).

2. Cameron Diaz

Playing probably one of the worst teachers in history, you have to admit that Cameron Diaz was pretty hilarious as middle school teacher Elizabeth Halsey in 2011's Bad Teacher. Elizabeth starts out as a teacher who doesn't really care about anything but having summer vacation and saving up enough money to get breast implants. Eventually, Elizabeth learns to change her ways and winds up becoming the school guidance counselor.

3. Jessica Alba

In 2010, Jessica Alba starred as Mona Gray in the film An Invisible Sign. Mona is a brilliant mathematician who lands a job as a math teacher after being forced by her mother to move out on her own. In her role as a teacher, Mona discovers she has an unorthodox talent for teaching and finds herself thrust back into life again, with children to care for and a reason to live.

4. Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos starred as math teacher Jamie Escalante in the 1988 drama Stand and Deliver. Mr. Escalante teaches at a high school in East L.A. where he seeks to change the school's culture in order to help the students excel. The role of Mr. Escalante serves as proof that teachers are always willing to go above and beyond for our children.

5. Ricky Martin

For Glee's 3rd season, producers brought on Ricky Martin to play a Spanish teacher. The Spanish teacher turns out to be a hit with the students at McKinley High. "I go to night school now because I need to know how to speak Spanish so I can teach Spanish," Glee star Matthew Morrison told Access Hollywood. "He comes in and I bring him into the Glee Club and people like, really love him, he's a great teacher and stuff, so my job is kind of on the line now because the kids really love him."