5 Things to Know About Lindsay Lohan's New Latina Roommate Patty Uribe

Forget Paris Hilton and Britney Spears! Lindsay Lohan has moved on to a new BFF and she's Latina! The twosome were spotted together in Brazil and are evening sharing a pad in NYC. Find out more about her below.

1. Patty Uribe 1

She's loaded: The 25-year-old's family owns several gas stations around the San Diego area, according to E!. Free gas for Lindsay perhaps?

2. Patty Uribe 2

She's a New Yorker - for now: The California native is currently Lohan's roommate and splits their $8,000 rent for a luxury SoHo apartment. Living large for sure!

3. Patty Uribe 3

She loves quotes about love: Uribe recently tweeted, "Don't be sad because it's over. Smile because it happened. Love this quote..." Very deep.

4. Patty Uribe 4

She adores Brazil: "FLORIPA!! So beautiful here ... LOVING BRAZIL ..." she recently tweeted. The new BFF's were staying at the Emiliano hotel in São Paulo. Now she's "back to reality!"

5. Patty Uribe 5

She's Mexican: Lindsay's Brazil travel buddy's full name is Patricia Scarlet Uribe. She enjoys shopping and travel just like the rest of us!