2007 ALMA Awards

1. alma2007 01

Eva Mendes defines casual glamour in this billowy floor-length gown.

2. alma2007 02

Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, and a giant tub of gold popcorn? Yup, those are MTV's trophies.

3. alma2007 03

Colombian-American Alexa Vega (from the cool Chicano history movie Walkout) looks all grown up in a plunging v-backed white dress.

4. alma2007 04

Jessica Alba works a red dress as only a Latina can.

5. alma2007 05

Efren Ramirez from the Mtv comedy movie, Naploean Dynamite, wishing us peace.

6. alma2007 06

Marc who? Rumor has it actress Dayanara Torres' new boyfriend is this cutie: Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco, who stars in Transformers, out in late June.

7. alma2007 07

Rodrigo Santoro, from Lost and 300, also wishes us peace.

8. alma2007 08

Horatio Sanz, a hilarious guy, and the first Latin-American born cast member of Saturday Night Live. But why so incognito?

9. alma2007 09

Hottie Jacob Vargas checks out some fashion at the Movie Awards' style lounge. Trivia: This actor from Selena, Mi Vida Loca and Latinologues is married to an elementary school teacher. Cute, huh?

10. alma2007 10

Days of Our Lives' veterans Matt Cedeno and Eric Winter. Besides being really handsome, Cuban-Irish-English Matt volunteers helping low-income Latino families battling child cancer. Eso si es lindo.