Aubrey Plaza Shares About Her Real Life Stalking Incident

In the new film ‘Ingrid Goes West’, the 33-year-old actress Aubrey Plaza takes on the lead role of a deranged social media stalker who moves to California over her obsession of a complete stranger that she has been following on Instagram, Taylor Sloane who is played by Elizabeth Olsen.

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It turns out Plaza herself knows what it’s like to have a stalker online. At the press event held for the movie in Santa Monica last Thursday, she and her co-star spoke about the fun they had filming together and about online stalkers.

"I had kind of an online Twitter stalker, kind of, person that was around - this was a couple years ago and then I was shooting a movie in Seattle and we found out that that person had applied to be an extra." Plaza told ET.

The Parks and Recreation actress also went the extra mile in preparing for the role and actually stalked her co-star in real life.

“She’s a ridiculous human being. She’s beautiful and funny and effortlessly cool. She’s the whole package. It was very easy to get lost in that” she said about stalking Olsen in an interview with V Magazine.

She also spoke about her experiences with social media in general: “It felt like everything I was looking at made me feel bad about myself. That can happen if you’re not conscious when you’re using [social media] because it’s human nature to want to look at other people’s lives and feel like they have something you don’t.”

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Check out the trailer below and be sure to catch her portrayal of Ingrid Thorburn in the dark comedy next Friday, August 11th. Or if you can't wait till then, there is also a pre-release screening of the film followed by a Q&A with both stars of the film alongside writer/director Matt Spicer on August 7th, details here: TimesTalks.