Bardem & Inarritu React to Golden Globe Nomination

Javier Bardem and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu were beaming last night at the Los Angeles premiere of their new film Biutiful. It probably had something to do with the fact that their movie received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. MTV Tr3s Blogamole was on the red carpet and asked the director how it felt: "[It] was fantastic!" said Iñárritu. "It was really great news! I have been working four years for this film to happen."

Although Bardem was snubbed in the Best Actor category (which still has us scratching our heads as his performance is by far one of the best we've seen all year) he was also super excited about the film's nomination and explained how hard it was to prepare for the role. “You really have to prepare yourself [for this role]," Bardem said. "The most challenging aspect of this character was that he had to face himself, to evaluate his life, to see what he did wrong, and to find the right ways to fix it.”

The film is about a father who finds out he is dying and struggles to find a way to leave a legacy for his children to hold on to after he is gone. Iñárritu dedicated the film to his father and here is what he had to say when he asked him why: