'Coco’ Director Gets An Email From Mexican-American Fan That Will Make You Do The Ugly Cry

Credit: Disney-Pixar

Who knew Coco director Lee Unrich read emails sent to the company’s general addy?

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Okay, so maybe an intern or an assistant passed along a heartfelt email or two or two hundred from inspired fans. None of that matters. The point is, Unkrich took the time to read and share a special one via Twitter. We only wish we knew her name so that we could send a virtual hug to her Twitter or Instagram account.

This nameless, wonderful, amazing woman, who is a diehard Disney-Pixar fan, wrote to the animation giant to explain why Coco meant so much to her and her family. Let’s call her Fabulous Fan.

Fabulous Fan wrote: My father and mother are both Mexican immigrants who came to this country to make a better life for us. Growing up my parents and sisters used to watch Pixar movies all the time. The only problem was that we would have to pause the movie every 5 minutes to explain to my parents what the characters were saying because both of my parents are not very fluent in English. Of course, now it’s much easier because we can select Spanish versions and subtitles, but you can imagine the difficulty in the 90s! But now there’s Coco. Not only did you make a movie for mi gente you also made it viewable in THEATERS in Spanish.

Apparently, the woman’s mother hadn’t been inside of a movie theater in 30 years—until Coco was released in the U.S. in November. (The film kicked major booty too, besting Justice League to earn $71 million its first weekend.) For Fab Fan’s mami, seeing Coco in theaters and hearing dialogue in Spanish made her mother: "Forgot she was not from here. She felt at home."

After the famous director shared that letter on Twitter (he earned major cool points for doing that especially since he’s gone on record saying the film is about family), other viewers chimed in on social media to share what they enjoyed about Coco too. On Twitter, @coldplay109 wrote: "you guys completely nailed Mexico’s essence."

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