Does Javier Bardem Deserve an Oscar for His Performance in 'Skyfall'?

As the top-grossing Bond film (ever!) with an opening weekend of $90 million, Skyfall was a hit. And it's Javier Bardem who had audiences raving about his performance as Raoul Silva in the new film directed by Sam Mendes

The Spanish actor told MTV News about his character, saying it was "open to different interpretations. It was Sam's idea for the word 'uncomfortableness' that made the imagination be triggered in me," said the actor.

Javier, who also captured the inner workings of a serial killer No Country for Old Men which earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, also added, "From that word and from that key point came the look and the behavior and the tone and all that."

It's this performance that has the actor earning high praise from critics, including talk of (another) Oscar. 

"Silva, the latest Bond film’s sexually ambiguous cyberterrorist, would be a punchline in any other actor’s hands. Instead, Bardem brings an improbable blend of over-the-top flamboyance and restrained calculation to his character," says Lanford Beard of Entertainment Weekly. "It’s the sort of cinematic tour de force that we’ve seen before not only from Bardem himself (in his Oscar-winning 2007 role as No Country for Old Men‘s amoral assassin Anton Chigurh), but also in a select few actors who have managed to take commercial villainy all the way to Hollywood’s biggest night."

Beard, who himself acknowledges the unlikelihood of an Oscar nomination for a Bond film, goes on, "But if any actor has a shot at bringing Bond to the Dolby Theatre, it will and should be Bardem."

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