EXCLUSIVE: ‘Descendants’ Scene-Stealer Nick Krause is Latino + George Clooney’s Latino Name!

As the socially inept Sid, Shailene Woodley’s hilarious best friend in Alexander Payne’s Oscar nominated film The Descendants, scene-stealer Nick Krause brings some much-needed comedy to an otherwise morose film. And with his movie up for Best Picture at tonight's Oscars, we spoke to Krause—who believe it or not is part-Mexican!—about his love of Latin culture, his favorite Latino musician, and the Latino name he gave his co-star George Clooney!

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What do you love about Latino culture?

The music! Latin beats back the best party music - it's always pushing you to get up and dance.

What's your favorite Latin dish?

Arepas. They're so delicious, especially when you stuff them with goodies. 

What Latino actor would you love to work with?

Salma Hayek.

We know music is one of your passions. Who’s your favorite Latin singer? 

Carlos Santana is one of my favorites. I play guitar and I love hearing him riff through latin scales. "Soul Sacrifice" has about 3.5 million views on youtube. Half of those are mine.  

If George Clooney were Latino, his name would be…

Jorge Tomatillo Clooney

If you, George and Shailene Woodley starred in a telenovela…what would it be about?

Shai and I would be cousins who have a knack for landing in crazy situations that George has to save us from. 

Who’s got it tougher: George Clooney’s single dad with the wife in a coma in The Descendants or Demian Bichir as the single dad/undocumented worker in A Better Life?

Apples and oranges. But let me say this: when Clooney's character goes home to sleep, he has security in that he doesn't really have to worry about his rent or his dinner. Demian Bichir's character is different. He doesn't have that solid bottom-line safety net. Both characters are shown in incredibly difficult situations. When it comes down to it, though, and you look at these character's lives outside of the small window we get to see, Bichir has it much tougher.

Would you ever play a Latino in a movie?

I would jump at the opportunity if the director could forgive me for my horrendous accent. 

Do you speak Spanish?

Un poquito. Not as much as I should, though, especially since much of my family is from Mexico and our get-togethers are bilingual. 

If no, would you be open to learning?

Totally. It's a goal of mine in the near future.  

Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez?

Demi Lovato. Mainly because I worked with her on a project back in the day and I know she was the nicest girl in the world. 

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz are both presenting at the Oscars. If you could only meet one of them on Sunday, who would it be and why?

Jennifer Lopez. I like girls that can sing.