If You Hated 'The Last Jedi,' Oscar Isaac Has Some Advice

Photo Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Oscar Isaac has heard just how much some fans of Star Wars: The Last Jedi hated the film and he has some advice for them. The Guatemalan-born actor, who portrays Poe Dameron in the franchise, was asked what he thought about fans who were so upset over the most recent Star Wars installment they raised money to make their own version.

"What I think is really special about the whole thing, particularly for people that really didn't agree with where the story went, is that it's often a great inspiration to do your own stuff," Isaac explained during interviews held in support of his latest film, Operation Finale.

"Obviously, making your own Star Wars movie is a bit of a tough challenge, but at least from a narrative standpoint maybe you make your own thing and then show what you would want.

Make what you would want to see."

Isaac's name has been making the rounds around the news recently also because someone spread a juicy rumor that he was being considered to become the next Batman. Sadly, it seems that the rumor had no basis because a script doesn't even exist yet.

But if no one has been cast in the role as of yet, it's the perfect time to share our superhero-sized wishes with the universe. 

Who wouldn't want to live in a world where Idris Elba is 007 and Oscar Isaac is Batman?

Operation Finale opens in theaters on August 29.