Juanes Featured In 'No Manches Frida 2' Trailer!

Photo Courtesy of Pantaleon

No, Juanes will not be making an appearance on the big screen but some original new songs will!

In the highly anticipated sequel to 2016's No Manches FridaNo Manches Frida 2 will transport audiences to the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta where Lucy (Martha Higareda) and Zequi are set to be married. Not everything goes as planned, so it was the perfect opportunity for Hector (Aaron Diaz), Lucy's former high school boyfriend, to swoop in and see if there's any smoke left in those flames.

The wedding may be off but the party is not! Zequi and Mario will be competitors in more than one arena. Not only is Hector courting Zequi's beloved, but he's also coaching the opposing school team during an important tournament between rival schools.

If the failed groom wants to make an impression to win back his betrothed and to ensure his school takes home the championship, he will have to really make big changes. 

He won't lose either battle quietly...so let the best man win.

Find out who ends up victorious when No Manches Frida 2 opens in theaters on March 15.