Penelope and Javier Make It a Family Affair

Photos: Fame Pictures

Even though they're still trying to keep things out of the public eye, the romance between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem is heating up! Page Six reports that, although they kept a safe distance from each other in front of the photographers on the Oscar's red carpet, Penelope threw her award-winning beau a private bash at Villa right after the show. In attendance were many members of Javi's family from Spain, including his mami, who Penelope was seen chatting with all night. An onlooker says, "He took Penelope for a spin on the dance floor in front of all his family. It's getting pretty serious."

Let's see: vacationing together—check. Meeting the parents—check. Looks like this couple is right on track. Don't worry Penelope, pretty soon people will forget all about the fact that you dated Tom Cruise...

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