Penelope Cruz Can't Win Them All, We Suppose

The Penelope Cruz Oscar race just got a little murkier. At the Critic's Choice Awards last night in Santa Monica, the actress actually lost an award...*sniffle* the Best Supporting Actress category. The honors went to Kate Winslet instead, for her role in a little flick no one saw called The Reader. Luckily for Kate, we love her as much as Eva Mendes does, so we won't hold any grudges.

Besides, it would be no fun if Pé swept every single award on the way to the Oscar's, right? Okay, that's not true--but it's comforting, at least.

As for the fashion news from last night's ceremony, head on over to our Best Dressed slideshow and let us know if you love or hate the red carpet selections. There's plenty of room for both!