10 Superheroes You Never Knew Were Latino

Robert Downey Jr. can’t have all the fun. The Hollywood A-Lister becomes our favorite metal head again in Iron Man 3, which hits theatres this weekend, but we thought a couple of our Latino superheroes could hitch a ride. Before you get a tub of buttery popcorn and watch Downey take down bad guys, click through our 10 Superheroes You Never Knew Were Latino. If Iron Man can’t save the day, this squad will have his back.

1. superhero slide 01_spiderman


Real Name: Miles Morales

Roots: Cuban and African American

First Appearance: August 2011

Spidey’s multi-culti makeover wasn’t a hit with everyone. Media loudmouths Lou Dobbs was appalled by Spider-Man’s new biracial identity and Glenn Beck accused Marvel of drawing Morales in the likeness of Barack Obama. Although this was the first time Spider-Man was African American, it wasn’t his first Latino incarnation. In 1992, Marvel developed 2099, a comic series set over 100 years in the future, and introduced Spiderman 2099, Mexican and Irish geneticist Miguel O’Hara.

2. superhero slide 02_spidergirl


Real Name: Anya Sofia Corazon

Roots: Puerto Rican and Mexican

First Appearance: August 2004

The Brooklyn-based Corazon got her superpowers through a spider-shaped tattoo. Once full of super-gifts, she goes on to design her own costume—red and blue sneakers, blue track pants, red mochilla, and red gloves. Who says you can’t look stylish fighting crime? 

3. superhero slide 03_Captain Universe

Captain Universe 

Real Name: Gabriel Vargas

Roots: Mexican

First Appearance: late 1970s

Cap Universe is the Frankenstein of the Marvel mundo. He’s an entity that takes on different bodies. One such body was of paraplegic war vet Gabriel Vargas. Think Avatar with an old school twist.

4. superhero slide 04_Echo/Ronin


Real Name: Maya Lopez

Roots: Unknown

First Appearance: Dec. 1999

Co-created by Cuban American Joe Quesada, Echo was the female counterpart to deaf superhero Daredevil. Her other alter ego is as Ronin, a member of the New Avengers, who’s identity and gender were concealed. Now, that’s we call a wonder woman.

5. superhero slide 05_Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Real Name: Kyle Rayner

Roots: Mexican

First Appearance: January 1994

Rayner, a graphic artist by trade, became the Green Lantern after Hal Jordan died. Early on his ethnicity wasn’t made clear, but it’s later discovered that his long lost father was a Chicano CIA agent. In essence he was just a superhero who happens to be Latino and they didn’t make the big reveal as cheesy as when AC Slater embraced his roots on Saved by the Bell.

6. superhero slide 06_Firebird


Real Name: Bonita Juarez

Roots: Unknown

First Appearance: Nov. 1981

As Firebird, Juarez’s main super power is pyro-kinesis—aka she can blow s**t up with her mind. So tread easy around Juarez because you don’t want to piss her off.  

7. superhero slide 07_White Tiger

White Tiger

Real Name(s): Hector Ayala, Angela Del Toro, Ava Ayala

Roots: Puerto Rican

First Appearance: Early 1970s

Created by legendary comic book men, Bill Mantlo and George Perez, the White Tiger has been portrayed by many but always by minorities. The first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, fought crime alongside Marvel icons, Spider-Man and Daredevil.

8. superhero slide 08_Power Man

Power Man

Real Name: Victor Hernan Alvarez

Roots: Dominican

First Appearance: Oct. 2010

Alvarez gained his superpowers during an explosion he survived as a child. He draws his “power” from energy from people around him. Essentially, if Superman is around he becomes Superman. A hero for the new millennial, Power Man offered his crime fighting skills on Craigslist—funny and a little creepy because it is Craigslist after all.

9. superhero slide 09_Wild Cat


Real Name: Yolanda Montez

Roots: Mexican

First Appearance: March 1985

Yo Yo’s superpowers are fiercely feline. With her cat-influenced agility and her claw-esque fingernails, Wildcat takes the word catfight to a whole other level.

10. superhero slide 10_Ultimate Iron Man

Ultimate Iron Man

Real Name: Antonio Stark

Roots: Mexican

First Appearance: In Marvel’s alternate universe lives a half-Latino version of Iron Man, Antonio Stark. The son of scientist Maria Cerrera and Howard Stark, Antonio is born with an extremely sensitive skin—making even the wind an enemy. But when you’re locked in an iron suit, it’s freakin’ difficult to knock the wind out of Antonio.