'Twilight' Star Mia Maestro on Edward and Bella's Love: "It's Definitely Relatable to Me"

Actress Mia Maestro, 34, has come a long way since her outstanding performance in the 2002 drama Frida. The talented star is now preparing to make her return as Carmen of the Denali Coven for the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. We got a chance to chat with Mia exclusively about her maternal role, her thoughts on Edward and Bella's romance, and her blooming music career. Get the lowdown below!

Were you a fan of the Twilight series, specifically the books, before auditioning for the Saga?

“I was definitely a fan of the movie beforehand, but I didn’t read the books until I signed on to do the film. I’m not good when it comes to catching up with whatever people are reading at the moment. I still have a long list of books I need to read! I did finish the Twilight books in order to prepare for my role. I do like the movie better than the books.”

Was it difficult being an add-on character at first since the cast was already established when you came on?

“It was not difficult at all because they brought on over twenty new characters. The group was so big and supportive that we just fell right into it. Everyone got along really well and had a lot of fun on set.”

You transform your look completely to play Carmen. What’s that process like?

“Yes, the colored contacts add a really freaky element to her look! The hair in itself is a whole process. The make-up artists do an amazing job at making us look the best as a vampire good look (laughs).”

As a female, can you relate to the love story between Edward and Bella?

“Yes, of course everyone has those relationships when they are so deep in love you are willing to do anything. It reminds me of high school days. I grew up in Argentina and luckily those days weren’t as drama intense as they are here in the States. We didn’t have this whole thing about being popular or anything like that. There’s something in that last movie where you see Bella becoming who she is meant to be and finding the love of her life, being secure, and having a family. The idea of someone flourishing into who they are meant to be is definitely relatable to me.”

Do you get to travel home often? Do you ever get homesick?

“Yes, I get homesick a lot and I miss my family so much. I also miss Bueno Aires a lot. It’s such a vibrant and wonderful city. I miss just having a coffee with friends and walking around the shops in town. I miss many things! I always look forward to going back.”

As an actress do you prefer indie films verses blockbuster hits like Twilight?

“I do prefer the indie films. I find that I’m just naturally drawn to independent films more as an actress because you connect more to the story. I think for me it’s more about the art of adding life to a particular character and working with amazing directors.”

Most people don’t know that you are also a singer. Are you releasing any new tracks soon?

Yes I have a new album in the works. It’s coming out December 4th and it has three songs, one of them including “Llovera,” which was featured in the first Saga’s soundtrack. I also have a new video coming out soon. It’s going to be really beautiful!

Listen to Mia's track "Sur" below and catch the premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 in theaters tomorrow!