Watch: Salma Hayek Is a True Villain in Savages

We don't know about you, but we love seeing Salma Hayek playing strong women. She often has a seductive edge and she knows how to take charge. In the new movie Savages, we get to see her play the villain -- a role we think we'll enjoy even more than usual! With pin-straight hair and severe bangs, she looks like she's begging somebody to piss her off, just so she can lash out at them.

In Savages, directed by three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone, Salma Hayek plays the head of a Mexican drug cartel. Along with her enforcer, Benicio Del Toro, they kidnap the girlfriend of a pair of Americans who grow marijuana. The girlfriend is played by Blake Lively, who warns us in the new official trailer that this is the type of story in which we can't be certain that she makes it out alive. From the looks of it, Hayek's character is not one to mess with, so we have to believe the narrator might die after all.

Also in the cast is Demian Bichir and we catch a small glimpse of him in the trailer. His role doesn't seem major, but we can't wait to see Hayek, Del Toro and Bichir up on the big screen together!

Check out the official trailer for Savages, which comes out this summer!