What to Watch: Friends With Benefits

There is no way around it. Someone you know is going to watch Friends With Benefits, which opens today—and you should join them, if only to stay cool in these record-hot temperatures! True, there are no leading Latinos in it—though there are some Latino dancing extras throughout, if you can spot them—but the old storyline of two people who start off as ‘just friends’ and end up happily ever after (in this case, it’s Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, whom we wish was Latina) never gets old. And yes, it’s true that nothing will ever top When Harry Met Sally.

So, this will hold us over until Jennifer Lopez makes her grand return to romantic comedies. We’ve already begun fantasizing about the perfect premise for that one…it begins in an airport. Male lead casting ideas, anyone? We were thinking George Clooney.