What to Watch: 'The Harvest/La Cosecha' Documentary on Young Migrant Farm Workers

If ever there was a film that every person in America should see, it is this one. The Harvest/La Cosecha follows three young migrant farm workers as they give up their childhoods to work 12-14 hour days picking the food that winds up on our tables for dinner every night.

Documentary filmmaker Robert Romano gives us a glimpse at the lives of Zulma, Victor and Perla—a group of young Latino kids who are struggling to help their families survive by following the seasonal crops across the United States for jobs. Eva Longoria was so moved by their story that she signed on as an Executive Producer and you will be touched too.

The film opens tomorrow, July 29th at the Quad Cinema in New York City and August 5th at the Laemmle's Music Hall. Visit www.theharvestfilm.com to buy tickets or to learn more about the hundreds of thousands of American children involved in migrant farming and find out the real cost of the food you eat every single day.


The Harvest/La Cosecha - Theatrical Trailer from Shine Global on Vimeo