20 Latino Songs Your Parents Blasted On Weekends To Clean

Whether you're Dominican, Colombian or Mexican -- chances are Saturday or Sunday was "cleaning day" in your casa. As your parents blasted their favorite Latino artist to ease the process you were awakened by tropical tunes.

Who remembers those days? We've rounded up songs that will make you feel nostalgic and bring you back to those early mornings full of Caribbean beats.  

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1. Quimbara by Celia Cruz

2. Magdalena, Mi Amor by DLG

3. Ese Hombre By La India

4. Suavemente by Elvis Crespo

5. No Le Pegue a La Negra by Joe Arroyo

6. I Need to Know by Marc Anthony

7. Cara de Niño by Jerry Rivera

8. Con los Crespos Hechos by Luis Vargas

9. Mi Gente by Hector Lavoe

10. Trucutu by Ray Barreto

11. El niagara en bicicleta by Juan Luis Guerra

12. El Balie El Perrito by Anthony Santos

13. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena

14. Me Libere by El Gran Combo

15. Palabras Del Alma by Marc Anthony

16. A Puro Dolor by Son By Four

17. Dos Locos by Monchy y Alexandra

18. Medicina De Amor by Raulin Rodriguez

19. Brujeria by Gran Combo

20. Trucutu by Tommy Olivencia