EXCLUSIVE: Alexis y Fido On How They Became Kings of El Perreo

Alexis y Fido may be known as the Kings of El Perreo, but the "Donde Estes Llegare" reggaetoneros still remember dreaming about making it big in their small town of Cayey, Puerto Rico. In 2009, Raul Ortiz (Alexis) and Joel Martinez (Fido) finally hit their big break with their Latin Grammy-nominated album, Sobrenatural. Alexis y Fido garnered even more hits from their third studio album, Down to Earth, which received support from industry renegades Wisin y Yandel and produced catchy hits like, "Ojos Que No Ven." Two years later, the supernatural duo polished their gritty perreo beginnings wih their latest hit album, Perreología.

We chatted with Fido about how they conquered the music business and what's next for the talented duo. Check it out below!

You guys met when you were young. How did you end up clicking musically?

"We met in high school, but back then we never imagined working with each other. We started making music just as a hobby at first. Then we met Wisin y Yandel before they were huge in the reggaeton game and they really encouraged and supported us to push forward. They really opened the door for us and that’s how Alexis y Fido was born."

What do you admire about Alexis?

"Alexis never gives up. He’s super talented and dedicated to his craft. He’s also very down to earth and just a humble guy. I respect that."

What do you think he would say about you?

"I think he admires my discipline and the passion I have for the industry. I’m a numbers guy and I’m constantly trying to learn about the business aspect of things. I love reading about guys like Steve Jobs and figuring out how they made it so big in their careers."

Tell us about “La Escencia.” What is that project?

"'La Escencia' is really a project for the fans. It’s going to feature tracks with sounds and rhythms from our beginnings [el perreo] and also includes fresh new sounds. We are working on that now as a gift to the fans."

You guys have collaborated with plenty of artists in the reggaeton genre. Who was your favorite and what did you learn from them?

"Wisin y Yandel and Daddy Yankee taught us a lot about what it takes to make it in this industry. They taught us what it meant to have discipline and be professionals. They paved the way really."

You are a married man now, but did you ever get caught up in the party scene?

"When you are young, it happens. Once I hit 21 I thought getting into the clubs was the best thing in the world. Now I'm not like that though. I like being a homebody and just being with my wife and 3-year-old daughter."

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

"I really enjoy spending time with my family, playing Playstation, and racing on the tracks in Puerto Rico. There’s nothing like being back home and spending time with the people you love."

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